Mindful Eating: Choices & Celebrating Our Decisions

We are surrounded by endless food options and constant temptations. It is so easy to fall into mindless eating patterns. By being mindful of the food we consume and making conscious choices, we can cultivate a healthier relationship with food, improve our overall health, and enhance our quality of life. Each day offers a new opportunity to prioritize our well-being and make choices that support a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

But it’s good to simply remember that we always have a choice.

The Power of Choice

Lattes ☕️ fruit 🍎 egg white scramble🥚cake 🍰 protein shakes🥤veggies 🥦 tacos 🌮 tacos (yah… twice 🌮🌮) ramen 🍲 salads 🥗 alcohol🍹—our options are diverse and abundant.

We GET to choose what we put in our bodies. There’s no right or wrong choice here. There’s simply the choice that we make for ourselves. There can be empowerment and danger in that notion though.

But whatever it is we GET to choose.

We GET to decide what we put into our bodies and we should. We should pay attention. We should be mindful when we eat. We should savor the food for what it is, but, most of all, we should choose. Each choice we make matters. It is something that we are ADDING to our bodies. That choice has gravity.

💎 Choose what aligns with ourselves now.
💎 Choose what aligns with what our future self would be happy about when looking back.

Take a moment and see if the choice that you are looking to make will align with both your Present and Future Self to make these decisions.

So how do we do that…

🤷‍♀️ Ask yourself, “Is it worth it?”.
Is it worth it to you? Do you value what you are looking to consume?

🤷‍♀️ Second, “Will I feel okay about this choice later whether that be emotionally, physically, or mentally?”.
Are you going to be okay with how you feel afterward? That is it.

If both are “yes”, then you do you! That is your choice and you are good with it.

In action:

  • Is this slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place worth it? YES!
  • Will I be okay with this slice of pizza later emotionally, physically, or mentally? YES!
  • Will I be okay with 4 slices of this pizza later? No, I will feel stuffed and feel drained of energy, so I will stop at a reasonable amount for myself, my body, and my enjoyment of this pizza.

Round Two:

  • Is this slice of pizza from my favorite pizza place worth it? No, I am already feeling full.
  • Will I be okay with this slice of pizza later emotionally, physically, or mentally? Definitely not because it will bring me discomfort and essentially take value away from my day.

Each and every day, we GET to choose what value we add or take away from our lives in the form of what we eat. Each can give us a moment of empowerment and self-acknowledgment. When we consciously make a decision that honors our present selves and respects our future well-being, we are living our life by design and not by default. Hold tight to the power of choice! You have the ability to nourish yourself both physically and emotionally, and that is something to celebrate.

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