Plate Visuals & Healthy Combos: Starbucks

Here is another visual connection for how food can work for different nutritional goals ☕️ and I will preface this with anything that can work within your diet…

Sidebar: the word diet comes from the Greek word “diaita,” which means “way of life”, so more about how we live and not just following a specific food plan to lose weight.

…You can eat anything, but what changes is the amount. This is deep within mindful eating as well. The energy equation matters.

Calorie Deficit ☕️
Tall Strawberry Acai Refresher 80 kcal
Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap 290 kcal

Maintenance ☕️
Grande Caffe Latte 190 kcal
Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap 290 kcal

Calorie Surplus ☕️
Tall Chocolate Cookie Crumble Creme Frappuccino 330 kcal
Spinach, Feta & Egg White Wrap 290 kcal

For the purposes here, this is merely a suggestion for becoming a little bit more visually mindful when ordering at a coffee shop. Because, truthfully, what might be a meal that would fit a calorie surplus for me might be one that fits a calorie deficit for my husband.

Other great options…

  1. Spinach, Feta & Cage-Free Egg White Wrap (approximately 290 calories).
  2. Egg White & Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites (approximately 170 calories)
  3. Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal (approximately 160 calories)
  4. Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl with Black Beans and Greens (approximately 420 calories)
  5. Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad Bowl (approximately 450 calories)
  6. Protein Bistro Box has about 380 calories
  7. Cheese & Fruit Protein Box contains approximately 460 calories.
  8. Yogurt Parfait: The low-fat yogurt parfait has roughly 280 calories, but this can vary depending on the specific ingredients and toppings.

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