Time to move!

A body in motion is a wonder! 🖤

“Without movement, we have no dance, no work, no play. Movement is fundamental, and essential for optimal health and wellbeing, and changes both your inner and outer worlds.” – The Essentialists

The beauty of the movement is that it is not one-size-fits-all! Every person’s practice is going to look different than the next. And our “perfect” movement will change as we age as well! This will evolve just like everything else does.

We will flourish with consistency in our movement practice when we continually adapt to suit our current needs.

It is all about you and your body and finding what works best for it…

  1. Set realistic goals: Start with achievable goals that keep you motivated.
  2. Do activities you love: Choose activities that make you happy and get you moving.
  3. Sneak in movement: Look for opportunities throughout the day to be active, like taking the stairs or going for short walks.
  4. Get buddies involved: Invite friends to join you for added fun and motivation.
  5. Set reminders: Use alarms or notifications to remind yourself to move regularly.
  6. Track progress: Keep a record of your activities to stay motivated.
  7. Stick with it: Consistency is key. Incorporate movement into your routine every day.
  8. Listen to your body: Adjust activities based on how you feel and find a balance.

“When we move our bodies, we move our minds. The grit and determination we summoned to best ourselves allows us for greater reflection on the journey… Not only on the path, but within our lives. We learn more about ourselves through the obstacles we overcome, the people sharing that same sense of purpose, and the world around us, which has given us the opportunity to breathe, to move, and to observe.” – Dominic Cottone, From Chasing Twilight: A Joy Journal for Runners

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