Consistency: Unappreciated Magic

As we head into another week, let’s pause and take a moment to think about how we want to show up each and every day.

“Consistency is an underappreciated form of intentional magic disguised as a mundane doing” – Victoria Erickson

🪄 Doing a little bit each day counts. Anything that says otherwise is probably a self-inflicted rule. In Finish by Jon Acuff, he mentions how we place extra rules to make something harder OR we listen to the noise for extra rules. But this is YOUR goal. You can do it how you want and when you want.

🪄Stay flexible for change. On the days that you can’t find the right mindset and you can’t find the best time of day… Be flexible with the rest. Can you make it happen? Find a time? Can you get halfway done? Is tomorrow a better day? Again, only you can assess this.

🪄 Regularly assess your priority. Not every goal is going to fit in every season. Your goal should only be slightly out of If it is further than that, change the goal, processes, or timeline. And check in frequently with how you’re feeling. Does this make you happy? Does it get you to where you want to go? If that is a no on either, change it. You are in control of your choices at all times.

🪄 Practice self-compassion. Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are working, learning, and growing. Failure is a part of that. Instead, focus on how you work towards something. Trust in what you’re capable of and when you’re capable of it. Say to yourself… I haven’t achieved xyz YET. You may not be there but you will get there if you continually believe in your processes to figure it out.

🪄 Find the best time of day. This is two-fold. Sometimes you’ll find a sweet spot and all will align to put in quality work towards your goal. Sometimes there’s not going to be the best time of the day or you will not be in the right mindset. Only you can figure out what is best & possible for you.

🪄 Learn from things when they go wrong! We can fail forward and treat it as a lesson for how we tweak things for future applications. Then our brain has a plan in place for that moment that it can implement without overthinking and panicking.

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