The Architect of Your Life

“I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose its contents.” – Restore by The Essentialists

We have the power to shape the direction of our lives and design its blueprint. With every choice made, we lay the foundation for the life we want to create. It is in our hands to select the contents that fill my days with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

We embrace the responsibility and privilege of being the master builder, crafting a life that aligns with our values and passions. With each decision, we take ownership and embrace the freedom to create a life that is uniquely mine. We are architects, and this life is a masterpiece in the making.

How do we build intentionally?

  1. The things that we see, eat, and experience is ALL that we are consuming and have a hand in what we do, think, and feel. If something drains you, you should pull away or unsubscribe. Instead, fill your life with things that inspire you to be the best version of yourself.
  2. Your surroundings impact your thoughts and actions. Clear space, clear mind. The people around us are a reflection of who we are.
  3. Learning self-regulation. Practice the pause to create separation from things. We do not need to always rush to react. Try pausing for a moment and taking a deep, calming belly breath to re-center.
  4. Seek connections & conversation that can lead to creativity and joy. What we engage in matters. Those moments will help continually mold our perception and possibly re-align our purpose to something better for us.
  5. Assess & re-assess frequently. Are you living in your purpose? Are you committed to that purpose on a daily basis or only to the idea of it?
  6. Establishing non-negotiables is a practice of knowing what you want & need and guarding those things. Being appropriately selfish.
  7. Set affirmations or a mantra to remind you of your intent, purpose, and values so you can stay focused. You will be shaken and you will stumble. Let this guide you.

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