Author: Nicole Doria

Hey, I'm Nik! I grew up in New Jersey, fell in love with a Marine, and moved away. We grew to a family of six and moved many more times. Along the way, I found myself in a constant state of choosing to move forward or be faced with the discomfort of being stuck in my own discomfort. The path that I chose included waitressing endless nights, filing bottomless piles of folders, struggling through heartbreaking mental health healing, writing extreme word counts while nursing babies, enduring miles of motion, gritting through years of dieting. All of my efforts brought me to this very moment. I graduated with a Bachelor's in Business and a Master's in Human Performance and Nutrition while supporting my husband and family. And they supported me as a I made my way through becoming a runner who eventually ran ultramarathons, learning how to weight train and competing in a bodybuilding competition, and finding me outside of the dieting life after losing 135 lbs. Now, I seek ripples. A ripple is a way that I can connect, inspire, or impact another that then spreads to increase good in the world.